How It Works (Cut & Sew Manual)

We help you take care of everything to bring your vision to life. 

Start with as low as 20 pieces per size per design which can be divided into different fabric colors or prints.

What We Do



Sportswear / Swimwear

Kid's wear


End To End Solutions

Product Development



How To Order?

___01 Submit your TECH PACK.

1. Download our TECH PACK Template (Click the 'TECH PACK' button below to download)

2. Strictly follow the format.

3. Convert it into PDF.

4. Submit it on our Facebook page or email.

___02 Receive Quotation.

Wait for us to send you the quotation. 

___03 Approve Quotation.

Clients should review quotations carefully. Send us some questions if you have any concerns.

___04 50% Downpayment.

50% Downpayment of the total amount is required to start the project. Full Payment required for Project amounting to Php 50,000 or below.

___05 Sourcing

We will begin the sourcing process to find suitable fabric colors/prints and trims for your designs and will send them to you for selection.

___06 Product Development: (Pattern and Sample)

While sourcing is underway, our in-house production team will help you finalize your details and develop pattern and sample. Samples are merely prototypes. Not recommended for photoshoot or selling. 

___07 Approve Sample.

Sample approval before we proceed with Mass Production.

___08 Mass Production.

Once you are happy with the samples, we will commence on the bulk production after we have received your approved samples back. Strict Rule: No rush policy. We value quality as much as you do.

___09 Quality Checks and Packing.

When the mass production is complete, our quality control team will inspect the goods to ensure there are no issues. We will mend and correct any issues before the products are sent to the packaging department.

___10 Full Payment.

Settle outstanding balance once mass production is over.

___11 Pick-up or Delivery.

Choose between pick-up or delivery. 

Click button below to send your TECH PACK: 


What Do You Need To Know?

For interested business partners, kindly send us your appointment form or TECH PACK for quotation