Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the Inclusions:





+ sewing of brand labels

+ attaching of hang tags

+ standard accessories such as (e.g. zippers, buttons, pads, garters, thread, etc.)

+ packaging (Packed in a poly bags)

What is your MOQ?

Is it possible to have different colors or prints per MOQ?

Who will provide Fabrics/Accessories?

NOTICE: If the client will be supplying the fabrics and materials for the project, please be reminded that the client takes responsibility for conducting quality checks on the fabrics and materials prior to sending them to us. It is important to note that we are not responsible for inspecting the quality of materials or fabrics provided by the client. Our quality checking services are limited to the goods produced within our own production line. If any client-supplied materials or fabrics are discovered to be damaged, we will not be held liable for any compensation, and the affected goods will not continue onto the full production line.

What if I want you to provide fabrics for me?

- Colors or Prints are subject for availability.

- Our fabrics are sold per roll.

- Excess fabrics will be retained for future projects or can be reclaimed upon your request after your project is completed.

How do I check Fabrics Swatches to choose from?

What if I'm not familiar with the fabrics?

If you're unfamiliar with the terminology or names of the fabrics, you may simply indicate "Recommend Something" or "Recommend Something Similar" and you may provide a description or photo of the fabric.

Do you manufacture accessories such as scrunchies, tote bags, dog scarfs?

Yes, MOQ is 1,000 pieces unless your project includes garments/clothing to produce then we can negotiate to 500pcs         or less.

Do you embroider and print?

2. Dimensions

3. Quantity 

How long is the process?

Prior to finalizing your project, we kindly suggest requesting from us the lineup for pattern and sample, to gain insight on the expected waiting time. 

Pattern and Sample: 3-5 Business Days Lead-Time, waiting time not included

Revisions: 3-5 Business Days Lead-Time, waiting time not included

Cutting: 3-5 Business Days Lead-Time, waiting time not included


2-Weeks Lead-Time, waiting time not included (For Small projects)

4-Weeks Lead-Time, waiting time not included (For Big projects)

Quality Check/Control: 5 Business Days

*STRICTLY NO RUSH POLICY: Please be advised that the estimated lead-time provided is approximate and subject to variances based on varying factors such as the quantity and complexity of your designs, sourcing duration and availability of materials needed for the project, as well as unforeseen events or circumstances that may arise, causing a delay in production. It is important to note that all products are handmade, and as such, we cannot guarantee exact delivery dates. We strongly advise against rushing your project, as this may compromise the quality of production.

Can you provide size charts?

What is grading?

Grading is the term called for the process of producing size patterns.  
Ex.  You have sizes S,M,L 
For pattern and sample - Size S
For grading - Size M and L 

Where are you located?

Address: #1 Mangga St., Bloomingbreeze Subdivision, Brgy. Pag-Asa, Angono, Rizal.


Do you provide labels and hangtags?

Yes, we do! We also manufacture labels and hangtags. Just send us the ff:

1. Design/Layout

2. Dimensions

3. Quantity (MOQ as low as 500pcs)

I'd like to purchase fabrics alone. What is the process?

You may send a private message to our other Facebook Page that focuses mainly on our supply of fabrics. Click here to Inquire:

I'd like to purchase labels and hangtags alone. What is the process?

You may send a private message to our other Facebook Page that focuses mainly on Labeling and Packaging Supplies. Click here to Inquire:

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